Beyond Sustainability

the need to move beyond the lulling hope that 'green tech' breakthroughs will allow world-wide 'sustainable consumption' to the recognition that dwindling oil supplies inevitably mean a mandatory 'energy descent' for human civilization across the planet.



Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability

If the 'Permaculture Principles' that David Holmgren discusses in this extremely important book were applied to all that we do, we would be well on the road to sustainability, and beyond.
Professor Stuart B. Hill
(Foundation Chair of Social Ecology University of Western Sydney)

This book uses permaculture principles as a framework for an empowering but challenging vision of creative adaptation to a world of energy descent. David Holmgren builds on the extraordinary success of the permaculture concept (which he co-originated with Bill Mollison 25 years ago) and the global permaculture movement, to provide a more cerebral and controversial contribution to the sustainability debate. Click here for information about how to order.

Read excerpts - Essence of Permaculture (Available as a downloadable PDF or HTML version - complete with principle icon graphics and references)