New Visions In Photography

Chris' astounding images are taken while he soars above the New Mexico landscape in his ultra-light aircraft.

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The simpleChangeAwards 2007 feature an evocative image of the Great Sand Dunes provided by TAOS AERIAL IMAGES' ultra-light pilot and photographer Chris Dahl-Bredine. Chris' work, like Marcus Morrell's of, and the wonderful staff, writers, and photographers who create ORION Magazine, has played a very real part in the emergence of simpleChange. Chris, we thank you for inspiring us to see the world in fresh and more integrated ways.

Whether outwardly or inwardly,
whether in space or time,
the farther we penetrate the unknown,
the vaster and more marvelous it becomes.

— Charles A. Lindbergh


Artist Statement
To see this spectacular world from above -to soar like the birds- has been a dream of humans since the beginning of time. I have had this same dream since I was a child. My dream became a reality with my decision to learn to fly. I chose to fly something small and open so I could really see and experience my surroundings -an ultralight aircraft.

What I see while up in the sky inspires me to document these beautiful sights through photography. Through these images I intend to convey the feeling of peace, the sense of wonder and awe that one feels while flying above the earth. This is what I experience from above.


Chris Dahl-Bredine, TAOS AERIAL IMAGES

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