Lives per Gallon

The true cost of America's addiction to oil: massive healthcare costs to combat air pollution effecting millions and the military cost of defending oil supplies.


Terry talks about his book Lives per Gallon, which examines the true cost of America’s addiction to oil. The price of gasoline does not reflect substantial external costs. These include massive healthcare costs to combat air pollution effecting millions and, arguably, the military cost of defending oil supplies. WATCH



About Terry Tamminen
Terry Tamminen was California State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chief Environmental Policy Advisor from 2003-2007. During his tenure Tamminen helped launch some of the most successful sustainable energy initiatives in US history. He is a former director of the Environment Now Foundation in Santa Monica, and is founder of the Santa Monica BayKeeper. He also co-founded the Frank G. Wells Environmental Law Clinic at the UCLA’s School of Law. Watch other videos from Terry Tamminen:


A Climate of Change

Terry Tamminen says that despite the global scale of the problem, there is a huge amount that the individual consumer can do to help mitigate climate change – be it in the home… 4:55 min. video

Necessity and Invention

Terry Tamminen is optimistic that we can invent our way out of the burgeoning global warming crisis. While we must all remain mindful of our responsibility to use energy wisely,… 3:35 min. video

2012 and Beyond

Tamminen expresses hope that the international community will work together to combat climate change. The federal administration continues to drag its feet on the issue. However,…2:18 min. video

Lessons from the Past

Tamminen looks to history to dramatize the choices we now face. He points out how the Easter Island civlization destroyed itself by a reckless consumption of the material sources…2:22 min. video

On Leadership

Tamminen believes that strong political leadership is essential if society’s priorities are to change. He instances the decades-long campaign to ban smoking in public places…1:31 min. video