Galtung's List

A world expert in conflict resolution, discusses what he believes to be the main challenges currently facing mankind.


Professor Galtung lists his chief concerns in the world today. It starts with the dangers posed by ‘global hyper-capitalism’ and the ‘structural violence’ it inflicts on people. He expresses profound concern for the developing relationship between Christians and Muslims, pointing out that the Christian dominated European Union could soon face an Islamic Union “stretching from Casablanca to Mindanao.” He stresses that this must be seen as an opportunity for a cooperative partnership, rather than a threat. Finally, Galtung highlights the encircling of Russia, China and India by American bases. This poses a major threat to stability and reflects the ambitions and military might of the United States.

Johan Galtung is the founder and Director of Transcend, an organization promoting conflict resolution by non-violent means. Professor Galtung is considered a pioneer in peace studies. For over four decades he mediated conflicts in Israel and Palestine, China and Tibet, Peru, Sri Lanka and Burma amongst others. He is the author of the United Nations’ manual for peace workers and he continues to advise UN agencies on peace issues. He is Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Hawaii and at other centres of learning.



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