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ABOUT provides these pro bono services for not-for-profit organizations who are concerned with democracy, local economies, and social and environmental justice:

project development and management
research and investigation


When we consider the simple changes that we have the opportunity to make as persons and as groups that will bring our lives and our communities into a more healthful relationship, we are truly excited. simpleChange contends that the changes we have the opportunity to make offer immeasurable reward for our souls and for our communities as we reintegrate with the natural world. Not only do we believe that making these changes will be suprisingly satisfying, we believe that making them together will be fun… that's right we believe it is going to be FUN to transform our world.

simpleChange also believes that each person can begin today to achieve a way of life that is in harmony with the earth. To some it seems like the road to healthful relationship with the earth is going to be a long and hard one. It is really a much smoother process than we often imagine. Just by asking ourselves the following questions, we are on our way to addressing some of the most important changes we can make:

WATER: Is there a local source for healthy drinking water rather than buying bottled water that travels from afar? WorldWatch informs us that Bottled Water is Pricey in More Ways than One.

FOOD: How many miles does your food travel to your table? The BBC presents interesting information about Food Miles and writer Bill McKibben talks with us about how meaningful and fun Eating Close to Home can be.

PLACE: How many miles do you live from where you work? Do you live in a "walkable" community? Mathew Simmons, energy consultant and investment banker, identifies the NextSteps we can take to begin reconfiguring our world. "Steps" are literally the basic element in this transformation… check out The Economic Benefits of Walkable Communities or this terrific scholarly inquiry Ethics, Communities, and Compassion, or ask Wendell Berry what his idea of a neighborhood is.


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